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Tracks from GPS and pictures from the event.



Tuesday - Urupukapuka, Waewaetoria & Red Head

A get-on-the-water and get-to-know-each-other day as we explored these three beautiful islands. The NE swell of 2m and the NE breeze meant that some chose to focus on the sheltered west coast of the islands, while some played outside and in the needles at the nothern tip.

Track Urupuka Day 1

Wednesday - Black Rocks

Again - some went for the longer paddle - to the Black Rocks - while others stopped and did justice to Roberton Island. Both good options..

Group on Roberton

Track to Black Rocks

Thursday - Cape Brett, Hole-in-the-Rock and DWC

Two groups made it all the way out to the Hole in the Rock, while some paddlers were more than happy to explore the coastline out to DWC (Deep Water Cove).

The sea state going through the Hole was all that could have been asked for !

Matt & Jason landed and bushwhacked up to the Cape Brett lighthouse.

Track ro Cape Brett

Friday - round Urupuka

Lots of splinter groups - walking, paddling, visiting Pa sites, swimming. The mescles needed time after some big days. (photo Ruth Henderson)

Group Tramping

Track round Urupuka

Saturday - Moturua & Roberton

Last chance to explore the inner islands and their lookouts, WWII historic sites and still more historic Pa sites.

JKA Rock Gardens

Track round Urupuka

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