Urupukapuka Island – How to find it

Getting There

Firtly – you need to drive to Rawhiti in the Bay of Islands.
If you’re starting from the KASK forum (at MERCK, in Long Bay)
You have 223 km to go – and Google (and I) say it will take you a good 3.3 hours.

First make a note of your odometer.

Then go about 3.8 km West until you get to East Coast Road

Then turn North and go about 11.5 km to the traffic lights at Silverdale – where you can stop
at a large PaknSave grocery store for any nibbles & grog. It has no special merit – it is just
the easiest large grocery store to get to, on your way north.

When you leave PaknSave, proceed NE – through Orewa, until you join Highway 1 at Puhoi (about 15 km). Avoid taking the motorway between Silverdale and Puhoi – it’s a toll road – and saves only 10 minutes.

Follow Highway 1 North for 139 km, turning East onto the Old Russell Road – sign-posted for Oakura. Beware, there is a turning just 2 km BEFORE the one you want – don’t take it.
(That one’s posted for Opuahanga & Whananaki.)

Follow the Old Russell Road for 38.5 km and then turn east into Rawhiti road.

Follow Rawhiti Road for 9.6 km – at which point the ashault will try and seduce you West.
Instead, continue straight onto the gravel section of Rawhiti Road and drive 7 km to # 119.

Park just oposite the beach here at Bella’s house. You can pay her for parking.

Parking Options

Rawhiti Parking

We’ve always been happy to pay Bella a few $ to park in the front of her section.
Never had a problem.

Unload your kayaks at the water’s edge – the beach (see below) is just accross from Bella’s – and then park the car.

Paddle to Otehei Bay, Urupukapuka Island

Launch at this beach on Hauai Bay

Hauai Bay

Distance over to Otahei Bay is about 3.8 km.

In the middle of this route, you are crossing Albert Passage – the main route into the Bay of Islands for small craft – so keep an eye out for sailing boats.

Rawhiti to Otehei map

Landing beach at Otehei Bay – let’s use the North end of the beach, nearest to the cabins.


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