IKW 2015 Committee Members


The IKW committee for 2015 is made up of a 3 members, supported by a small number of enthusiastic volunteers.



Paul Hayward is a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for computers. Moving to New Zealand from his native Canada in 1982, he continued his work in Industrial Control and Automation Engineering. For the last 22 years, he has run his own business, specialising in database design and small business computing.

Paul paddled canoes as a boy and sailed extensively in New Zealand; but during the last 14 years Sea Kayaking has become his major sport.

Paul was a committee member for the 2004 Coastbusters Symposium and has been Chair for the 2006, 2008 & 10 events.


Secretary / Project Manager

Natasha Romoff is a PMI certified project manager in the IT industry.

Over the last 17 years, Natasha has become an avid kayaker. She is an active member of several NZ clubs, participating in Leadership / Water safety programs and taking an interest in promoting the sport to new club members.

She has gained experience of the sea sailing both in SA and NZ as well as wind-surfing.  This will be her fifth term on the IKW or Coastbuster's committee.


Accommodation & Inspiration

Deb Volturno has been a Geologist and a high school science teacher – somehow fitting in two successful careers around her extensive kayaking achievements.

Deb has representing her country at the Kayak surfing worlds, been a longterm ACA Instructor, founded & run a kayak touring business and, certainly not least, been one of the intrepid Tsunami Rangers.


Money Matters

Renee Olivier is a Test Automation & Performance Specialist who is employed by a major bank. Renee has years of experience in IT and banking.

She has kept us on-track with getting the money matters straight – for the Meals & Accomodation.


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